"Remember, if you solve the first part (the story/message) and the second (who is this content for?), you can experiment confidently with how you want to communicate in this format."

This is so important and I'm experiencing the growing pains of this right now. You're doing the Lord's work, Kyle. Thanks for the insight!

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I have been more than slow to make peace with the fact of using video for self promotion -- it's not something that comes to me naturally (I'm more of a text person) and I feel it's quite time-consuming to produce it. But if that is what the Tiktok generation wants, I think you just have to go with the flow... In fact, despite my desire to create polished productions for my branding, I've seen the rawest reels I've thrown in on Instagram are the ones with better engagement, go figure.

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This newsletter is so helpful and motivating to be brave enough to do your own thing. I love it!

And, thank you for sharing your personal tips, tricks and advice for what worked for you. Can't wait to read next week's newsletter.

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